#GoodNews: Father & Son Save Life of Missing Boater

Andrew Sherman and his son Jack were deep-sea fishing about 40 miles off the coast of North Carolina when a boat was heading right for them. Once it passed them they realized no one was driving it! Fearing the captain had a medical emergency, they chased after the boat and Jack jumped onto it.

“And I yell at my dad, ‘Dad, there’s nobody on the boat!”

They discovered the captain’s ID and other personal gear on board. They notified the Coast Guard and the call went out on the radio to search for a man overboard. But that wasn’t enough for Andrew and Jack.

“We didn’t know how long the coast guard was going to take to get there and I was like Jack we have to look for this guy.”

The boat had multiple GPS units onboard and the two were able to look at historical data to see where the boat had come from. They split up and began their search back following the route history in the GPS.

They found Sascha Scheller floating in the water, where he had been treading for 3 hours. He credits Andrew and Jack’s expertise in boating with not only saving his life but preventing his two children from growing up fatherless.


(Image: Getty)

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