#GoodNews: Restaurant Owner Repairs & Donates Cars In His Spare Time

38-year-old Eliot Middleton has two specialties: making BBQ and fixing cars. He runs a BBQ joint in South Carolina by day, and repairs cars on the side for a good cause.

Eliot noticed during a 2019 Thanksgiving food drive, that most people picking food up walked. So, he decided to start fixing up used cars and donating them to people in need. After asking on social media for car donations, he’s had over 100 cars sent to him for him to repair!

Since September 2020, Eliot has repaired and donated 33 cars.

“If you can just fix one problem to somebody it gives them hope. Don't think that it won't affect someone in a great way. Because the small things is what adds up. So just do whatever you can."


(Image: Getty)

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