#GoodNews: Highway Medical Emergency Requires Help From Many

A man experiencing a medical emergency while driving down a busy highway near downtown Atlanta was saved by a group of good Samaritans. Fellow drivers and passengers noticed a slow-moving truck on I-85 and when they saw the driver slumped over behind the wheel, several of them pulled their cars over to help.

The crowd was able to bring the truck to a stop, but put their own safety aside to help the driver as lanes of traffic zoomed past them. They tried using everything from mallets to baby strollers to break the truck’s windows to save the man. Eventually, someone was able to break the back window and get inside the truck, where they used the man’s phone to call his wife and let her know what was happening and which hospital to go to. Some folks stayed with the man to comfort him until an ambulance arrived.

Several people in the group say they heard from the man’s wife that he was still in the hospital and doing better.


(Image: Getty)

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