#GoodNews: Ham Radio “Hero” Saves Friend’s Life Hundreds Of Miles Away

A California man is credited with saving his friend’s life from hundreds of miles away, thanks to his ham radio.Bill Scott takes his small black ham radio everywhere he goes and has talked to people all over the world from South Africa to the Space Station using it over the last 40 years. And the radio frequencies connected him to Skip Kritcher, a fellow ham radio operator in Oregon who reached out for help.

Earlier this summer, Bill got a phone call from Skip in Oregon, who dialed his number by mistake. He was on the floor in need of assistance and seemed confused. Bill’s wife, Sharon, is a retired nurse and she quickly realized Skip was having a stroke. She says Skip’s speech was slurred and his thoughts were “skipping all over,” so the couple called 911 and directed first responders to Skip’s house.

Sharon’s suspicions were correct and Skip did have a stroke and their effort to get him medical care quickly paid off. An EMT told his family that Skip would’ve died within a couple hours if they hadn’t sent help. “Just a miracle that he called the wrong number,” Sharon says, “and he got us and we were able to do something to help him.”

Source: CBS Sacramento

(Image: Getty)

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