#GoodNews: Minnesota Police Create Relay To Get Blood To Mom In Labor

A woman’s life was in danger when Minnesota State Troopers made a special delivery that saved her.

Jenapher Blair was giving birth to her daughter at Hutchinson Hospital in Minnesota when she started bleeding excessively because of complications. The hospital didn’t have enough blood on hand, and the blood they needed was 80 miles away.

So 5 Minnesota State Troopers immediately jumped into action, forming a relay between St. Paul, where the blood was, and Hutchinson, where Jenapher was. A trooper rushed from a blood bank to a State Patrol flight crew at the St. Paul Downtown Airport, they flew it to the Hutchinson Airport, and handed the blood off to two troopers who rushed it to the hospital.

They were able to get the blood to Jenapher in just 65 minutes. Doctors say she wouldn’t have survived if it hadn’t arrived so quickly.


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