#GoodNews: Restaurant Surprises Blind Customer On Her Birthday

Natalie and her friend Claire were out to dinner to celebrate Natalie’s birthday when she was surprised by a kind act by the restaurant staff.

A TikTok video shows Natalie being presented with a plate that has "happy birthday" written on it in Braille. Her friend guides her hand to the plate, Natalie starts feeling the raised dots and, after realizing what it reads, exclaims, "No freaking way! They did not!"

The restaurant's general manager says they typically use melted chocolate to write birthday messages, but this was the first time a Braille message had been used.

"My mind was blank for a second and then I was like, 'Is this in Braille? I found it hard to string a sentence together," she said. "My mind was just going. I've never had anything happen like that before. It was wild."


(Image: Getty)

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