#GoodNews: Stranger Replaces Child's Stolen Bike

A little girl in Virginia was devastated when her bicycle was stolen from her house, but a stranger’s act of kindness is making up for it. 

10-year old Aaliyah Wilson looked forward to coming home to ride her bike every day, and she usually kept it inside. But after a busy day, the 10-year-old left it on the front porch of her family’s Lynchburg home and the next morning, it was gone.

Aaliyah’s mom turned to Facebook in hopes of getting the bike back. But instead, her post inspired someone in the community to do a good deed. Someone left a brand-new bicycle sitting outside, with a sweet note that reads: “To the young lady whose bike was stolen, we’re sorry that it happened. Here’s another one for you.”

The new bike is purple, which happens to be Aaliyah’s favorite color and it came with a helmet and a cable lock. The sweet gesture means the world to her and her mom, too. Aaliyah has a message for the anonymous do-gooder: “Thank you so much. That was really thoughtful of you.”


(Image: Getty

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