#GoodNews: Man Donates RV’s To Wildfire Victims

Woody Faircloth from Denver is bringing hope to wildfire victims in California by giving them a place to live. It all started in 2018, when he was watching news coverage of the deadly Camp Fire. He saw a man whose home was destroyed in the fire, but was grateful to have an RV to call home.

That inspired Woody to do the same for someone else. So he bought an RV for $2,500 and drove it from Colorado to California and donated it to a family who lost their home in the fire. And he’s been doing it ever since for other wildfire victims and started a nonprofit, EmergencyRV.org, that’s run entirely on volunteer efforts and donated RVs.

Woody recently delivered the 95th RV to a wildfire victim and has a long waitlist of more than 100 people who need help. His nonprofit fills a gap for those who are waiting for emergency housing, which can take months. “We’re grassroots; we can move a lot faster than that,” he says. “It’s people helping people. … We can get there almost immediately.”


(Image: Getty)

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