#GoodNews: Kidnapped Girl Saved By TikTok Hand Signal

A girl who had been missing for several days was saved after she used hand signals she learned on TikTok to ask for help. According to the Laurel County, Kentucky Sheriff’s Office, the 16-year-old was able to catch the attention of another driver by using the hand gestures to show she was in danger.

The hand gesture has become popularized on TikTok and “represent violence at home - I need help.” A witness in a car behind the car she was in recognized the signals and called 911 to report a teen who appeared to be in distress. Deputies were able to pull over the suspect’s car and found the missing girl in the backseat.

The teen, who was reported missing on Tuesday by her parents in Asheville, North Carolina, told deputies she had traveled with the suspect through North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio.

The signal for help in a domestic violence situation: Put your palm forward with your thumb “tucked in,” then close your other fingers over your thumb to “trap it.”


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