#GoodNews: Utah Man Delivers Gifts to Workers on Thanksgiving

Josh Downs of Herriman wanted to show his appreciation to gas station workers who worked on Thanksgiving. He decided to take the time to spread some holiday cheer after he struck up a conversation with a gas station worker on Thanksgiving last year. "She had chosen to work because she couldn't be with her family and friends and thought she would do that so that others could be," Downs recalls. "I actually went home and got a plate of Thanksgiving food and brought it back to her, and it's just always stayed with me."

So when Thanksgiving rolled around this year, Downs started a fundraiser called #GiveThanksForGas and used the money he raised to buy something special for area gas station attendants. He was able to collect over $3,200! Josh and a few of his friends spent their Thanksgiving day driving all around their town delivering pies to local stations. To each pie they attached a $100 gift card and a thank you note.


(Image: Getty)

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