#GoodNews: Postal Worker Chases Down Porch Pirate

A Kentucky postal worker is being praised for chasing down a suspected porch pirate and returning a package to its rightful owner. The residents on Audrey Harrod’s postal route in Louisville, Kentucky, already thought the world of her. But this week they have even more reasons to think highly of their mail carrier.

Last Friday, Audrey saw a woman take a package off of Kristina Inclan’s porch. Kristina’s neighbor, Amy Gaines was talking to Audrey right when the incident happened and says Audrey quickly went to get the package back. "She jumped in her van and took off," Amy recalls. 

Audrey caught up with the thief and demanded she turn over the package. While this is all going on, Kristina was inside her home taking a nap on her lunch break as a pediatric nurse. She woke up to a string of texts from her neighbors telling her what’s happening and was later surprised when Audrey returned the package to her.


(Image: Getty)

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