#GoodNews: Alabama Women Delivers a Triple Dose of Generosity

A woman named Ann came across a family of 5 stranded on the highway in Alabama and stopped to see if she could help them. They were traveling back home to Texas and their car broke down. 

Ann offered to buy plane tickets for the whole family, and drive them 50 miles to the airport. But they couldn’t all fit in Ann’s car with all of their possessions. So she flagged down a couple of men in a pickup truck and convinced them to help deliver the family and their stuff to the airport. 

Once they all got to the airport, and Ann bought the tickets, she became concerned about the fact that the family is toting all their belongings in cardboard boxes. She goes and buys them luggage and delivers it back to the family at the airport.

But wait, there’s more! Ann then bought dinner for the 2 young men who helped. The three are now friends and Ann is attending a baby gender reveal party for one of them this weekend.


(Image: Getty)

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