#GoodNews: Waitress Surprised with over $10k in Tips

An Atlanta IHOP waitress impressed a customer so much, it’s led to the biggest tip of her life. Rita met server Jazmine at the restaurant on a day the young mom was “stretched so thin” but she managed to remain patient, kind and professional, providing “amazing customer service.”

Rita tipped her $40 that day for her $30 breakfast, but her generosity didn’t stop there. After talking to Jazmine and learning about her struggles to afford daycare for her daughter and to Uber to work, Rita asked for her Cash App username and sent her $500 later that day. She talked about her server in a Facebook post, encouraging others to contribute to help her out “with a little holiday cheer.”

And they did! Within a week, Jazmine received more than $10,000 in tips. She says she “nearly fainted” from all the donations pouring in and she’s so very grateful for the kindness of strangers. 


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