#GoodNews: Mom Buys Out Entire Toy Store to Help Kids in Need

In the fall of 2020, Christine Bae took her son and daughter to the Flying Tiger Copenhagen toy store. Upon learning they were going out of business and having a big sale she told the kids “Grab whatever you want.”

Once they were home, an idea popped into her head. "These are dark times, why don't I just buy the whole store and then I can give it out?" she recalls. "I just went and did it."

She and her husband paid about $10,000 for the store's entire inventory, which amounted to over 3,000 toys. After making several trips with her SUV, they finished transporting all the items to a spare room in their home.

Over the course of the following year, Christine gave the toys to a homeless shelter, a food pantry and a non-profit organization that helps foster children.


(image: Getty)

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