#GoodNews: Hockey Team's Manager Finds Woman Who Saved His Life

22-year-old medical student Nadia Popovici was attending a Vancouver Canucks game, and sitting behind the Canucks bench, when she noticed an irregularly shaped mole on the back of staffer Brian Hamilton's neck.

She wrote a note on her phone and held it up against the glass and got Brian’s attention.He says he initially brushed it off, but later had the team doctor check it out and discovered it was a malignant melanoma that could have had life-threatening consequences if it was left untreated.

"She saved my life," he said during a news conference on Saturday. Brian and the Canucks were determined to find Nadia, so they posted a letter on social media. It took about an hour to find her. Nadia attended the Canucks game in Seattle on Saturday and got to meet Brian. During the game, both teams announced that they would be giving Nadia $10,000 to go toward medical school.


(Image: Getty)

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