#GoodNews: Woman Finds Kidney Donor in Target Parking Lot

A Massachusetts woman with advanced kidney failure will receive a kidney transplant next month thanks to a stranger she met in a Target parking lot.

Gail Weisberg has suffered from kidney disease her entire life, has been on the transplant list for over two years, and each night she spends ten hours on an at-home dialysis machine. A friend had made dozens of signs that said “Wanna be an angel for an angel? BF needs a kidney” and put them on friends’ vehicles, hoping to find a living donor for Gail.

Debbie Munley was leaving Target when she noticed the sign on Gail’s car. She knocked on Gail’s window and the two chatted and exchanged numbers. Debbie got tested and found out she was a perfect match. She’ll be donating her left kidney to Gail on Feb. 15.


(Image: Getty)


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