Quiz: Are You A Jerk? 

According to an Buzzfeed article, you're a jerk if you do any of these things.

1. Passing somebody on the road, only to then go slower than they were going.

2. Eating food that isn't yours . . . and is even marked with someone else's name.

3. Blocking someone else's driveway.

4. Leaving your shopping cart in an empty parking space instead of returning it to a carousel.

5. Purposely spoiling movies, books, or TV shows for other people.

6. Ditching frozen or refrigerated food on regular grocery store shelves.

7. Flipping through the pictures on someone else's phone when they just wanted to show you one.

8. Not replacing the toilet paper roll.

9. Trying to enter an elevator before others have exited.

10. Trying to push through and exit a plane before it's your row’s turn.

11. Leaving your garbage behind when you leave a movie theater.

12. Not holding the door for a person walking in directly behind you.

13. Taking up two (or more) parking spaces by parking outside of the lines.

14. When someone is on the cell phone at a store and talking super loud.

15. Getting mad at a cashier for the store's prices.


(image: Getty)

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