#GoodNews: Man Gets Adopted By Family After Selling Them A Car

Davon Woods was put into the foster care system as a baby. He was adopted when he was 2, but had a tough life with his adoptive family and ended up in the streets. We'll let Devon take it from here.

"After walking away from the street life, I worked a bunch of different jobs. Most recently I was working at a car dealership, and as I was selling a car to the Wilkinson family, I told them my story. It brought them to tears and we had an instant connection, kind of like the one I had dreamed of having with my biological family.

For my birthday, they took me out to dinner, and from that day forward they adopted me into their family. I spend holidays with them, and I know my kids will never be short on family with them around. It was very emotional to me because they gave me love that I’ve never received."


(Image: Getty)

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