#GoodNews: Saved At Sea By A Seal

Scott Thompson fell out of his boat while out in the Pacific Ocean. He watched his boat sail off into the distance from the middle of the frigid Santa Barbara Channel. With no land in sight, Scott was sure these were his final moments.

"I thought to myself, 'Great, this is how I'm going to die. Today is the day I'm going to die. I was devastating myself….just picturing my girls and my son growing up without me, and my wife, you know, not having a husband to support her...I wasn't thinking about sharks or anything like that, until I hear this splash? It was harbor seal. The seal would go underwater and he came up and nudged me, like a dog comes up and nudges your leg."

After being pushed along by the seal, Thompson felt determined to swim to the nearest oil platform, which was far but closer than land. Freezing and exhausted, he finally reached the platform 5 hours later. Crews aboard the oil platform rendered aid, and called the Coast Guard.


(Image: getty)

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