#GoodNews: Mail Carrier Shovels Snow for Disabled Vet 

A mail carrier in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, went above and beyond what was expected after a recent storm dumped eight inches of snow on the area.

Terri Halliday is a disabled U.S. military veteran who lives in the 8th Ward. On Saturday, her home alert system announced movement outside of her front door.

"I began watching on my phone, and I saw a mail delivery truck. The next thing I know, I see him coming up my steps with a snow shovel."

Halliday, who has had one leg amputated, had left the shovel near her door so she can access it to clear her deck. She can't shovel the steps, however.

"He shoveled all the steps and cleared off my front deck. I was shocked but grateful,"


(Image: Getty)

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