#GoodNews: Rare 10-Person Kidney Swap Saves 5 Lives

Michael Wingard wanted to donate his kidney to save the life of his friend, Kaelyn, but he wasn’t a match for her. However, he still got to help her because Michael and Kaelyn were part of a ten-person kidney donation chain pairing five living donors with five recipients.

The rare procedure successfully took place recently over a 4-day span at Houston Methodist Hospital.

  • Heather got Michael’s kidney. Then her twin
  • Staci gave her kidney to
  • Javier, whose son-in-law
  • Tomas, donated a kidney to
  • Chris, whose father
  • David, gave his kidney to
  • Barbara, whose daughter
  • Lisa, gave her kidney to
  • Kaelyn, Michael’s friend.


(Image: Getty)

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