#GoodNews: Holocaust Survivors Unexpectedly Reunite after 79 Years

A pair of Holocaust survivors who hadn’t seen each other in nearly 80 years just reunited. For over a year, Jack Waksal and Sam Ron performed back-breaking work, side-by-side at a labor camp in Poland. 

At one point, Sam was moved to another camp, and Jack escaped. After the war, neither knew what came of the other or even whether they’d survived. Fast forward 79 years to last Sunday night. While at a benefit event for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Jack recognized Sam from across the room. 

Sam said, “He jumped off the seat and came running over to me and says ‘You’re my brother,’ I was very emotional, I’m normally not a very emotional guy.”

The men found out that they both ended up in Ohio and eventually retired to South Florida. They only live about 40 miles from each another and plan to see a lot more of each other.


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