#GoodNews: Officers Reunite Homeless Woman With Family

A pair of police officers in Nevada went above and beyond to help an elderly homeless woman reunite with her family. Officer Sterling Candland and his partner, Carlos Chorens, first met Rose Brazdovic when they found her living on the streets in feeble condition. They say they just had a feeling they couldn’t walk away from Rose with a good conscience.

So the officers spent 2 days getting to know Rose and her story. They found out she was being taken advantage of by some people she trusted, but they helped get her away from all that and connected her with the city’s Community Resource & Resiliency Center, who got her into a shelter and tracked down her family.

With their assistance, Rose’s health improved and behind the scenes, the officers worked with a city attorney to get three misdemeanor charges of panhandling dropped, and arranged for Rose to reunite with her son, who she lost touch with almost 30 years ago. Thanks to her guardian angels, Rose reconnected with her son and his family, including grandchildren she didn’t even know she had. She’s now living with them in Louisiana and she’s beyond grateful to be there.


(Image: Getty)

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