#GoodNews:TikTok Hand Signal Saves Kidnapped Woman 

A Tennessee woman was rescued after signaling for help using a hand gesture from TikTok. 

The woman was visiting her brother this past Sunday when her ex-boyfriend showed up. She got into his truck to talk to him, but he took off driving. According to the police report, they got into a physical confrontation and he threatened to kill her. 

Around 1pm, he pulled into a convenience store and went inside with the woman. Using a hand signal made famous on TikTok that indicates someone is in a domestic violence situation or being taken against their will, the woman alerted witnesses inside the store that she needed help.

A witness notified the police, who pulled up to the store just as the truck drove off. The man led police on a 15 minute chase at speeds reaching 90 mph until he crashed his truck into a creek. He fled on foot and police pursued him, tased him, and arrested him on charges of kidnapping and aggravated domestic assault. The woman escaped the incident unharmed.


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