#GoodNews: Guardian Angels Help Stranded Mom Get To Son’s Graduation 

When a canceled flight threatens to prevent a mother from attending her son’s college graduation, a kind couple steps in to make sure she gets there on time. 

Kirsten Venditti had traveled over 8,000 miles from South Africa to see her son Alessandro graduate from Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa. She made it all the way to Chicago, but the flight to Des Moines was canceled and another flight wouldn’t get her there until after the graduation. Fellow stranded passengers Gayle and Dave Boggessoverheard Kristen’s predicament while standing behind her in the customer service line. The couple was returning from vacation in Egypt and were anxious to get to their home near Des Moines. They had already rented a car and offered to give Kristen a ride.

A mother herself, Gayle could relate to Venditti’s frustration. "I couldn't imagine being so close and not making it. We just had to help get her there in time." So the new friends loaded up in the rental car and Dave drove all night, delivering Kristen to her hotel early enough to get some sleep before the ceremony. Thanks to her “guardian angels,” she was able to make it to see her son walk across the stage and get his diploma.


(Image: Getty)

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