#GoodNews: Restaurant Worker Helps Calm Autistic Child

Candice Hudspith was visiting a McDonald's with her 2 and 4-year old daughters, Harper and Indy. As they entered the restaurant Harper, who is autistic, suddenly became "triggered” and began to scream and shout. Then she ran off and hid under a seat. That’s when a McDonald’s employee got down on the floor with paper and crayons, inviting the little girl to color with her.

Candice said: "You could see Harper slowly coming out of herself. She was back in her little world, being happy Harper again. I literally burst into tears. I felt like I didn't even have to say that she has autism, it was like she read my mind. It was so lovely what she was doing.”

Thanks to the kindness of one restaurant's staff members, Candice and her daughters were able to stay and enjoy their meal. 

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(image: Getty)

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