#GoodNews:  Heart Recipient Vows To Finish Donor’s Bucket List

A Michigan woman who received a life-saving heart from a teenage organ donor is checking items off the late teen’s bucket list. 

Nick Cordrey was only 15-years-old when he suffered an aneurysm and died. Neither he nor his mother, Aimee, could have known that the Ohio teen’s decision to be an organ donor the previous year would be a life-saving act for someone else.

Keisha Dulin was born missing a heart valve. In 2020, she got the call that she would be receiving Nick’s heart. After Keisha’s successful transplant surgery, she reached out to Nick’s family to thank them for the gift of life. Aimee shared a note she’d found from Nick with a bucket list on it.

As Keisha read over the list, she came to item number seven: “Save a life.” It was the only thing that Nick had gotten to do and Keisha swore that she’d check all the items off the list on Nick’s behalf. She started on his goal of visiting all 50 states, carrying a picture of Nick with her. She hopes that the story will encourage others to do the things on their bucket lists while they still can. “Live each moment to its fullest. Appreciate what you have and the people you are with,” she says.


(Image: Getty)

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