#GoodNews: PPD Wedding Takes Place in Spite of Last Minute Lost Luggage

Paul and Amanda have been planning their dream destination wedding in Scotland for 2 years. Unfortunately, their trip from Orlando to Scotland was full of delays and diversions. They spent 3 days in different airports and when they finally arrived the day before their scheduled wedding, their luggage was lost along the way.

Amanda was ready to just give up on the wedding and go back to Orlando, but their wedding photographer, Rosie, had a plan. She posted about the situation on social media and asked the local islanders for help. By the next morning, a dress and full kilt set were donated for the couple to wear.

Amanda said, “The people of Skye will be famous in Orlando because we will tell anyone who will listen that they are the reason our love was cemented into a perfectly imperfect wedding day.”


(Image: Getty)

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