#GoodNews: Classic Car Restored for Teen With Brain Cancer 

In 2020, 15-year-old Cole Medcoff decided to buy a classic car and restore it. He was battling cancer and thought it would be the perfect thing to fill his downtime. His dad said Cole saw a car on the side of the road and immediately knew it was the one - a 1964 Mercury Monterey. 

Scott Reynolds, who works at Harold's Auto Body in Boise, is friends with Cole’s dad. He wanted to help so he assembled a team from all over the area to help restore Cole's dream car. 

Just this month, in July of 2022, the car was finally finished and delivered it to Cole. Scott says “Thousands of labor hours went in to this car, and all of it was donated by amazing people.”

Cole said he’s doing really well and his brain tumor is stable. 


(Image: Getty)

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