#GoodNews: WATCH Pizza Delivery Driver Save 5 Kids From Burning House

A pizza delivery driver in Indiana ran into a burning house to save 5 kids, and it was caught on officer’s body cam. 

Around midnight, Nicholas Bostic noticed a house on fire. There were no emergency vehicles there, so he pulled over and made a quick decision to run into the house to see if anyone was inside. He found 4 kids ages 1 to 18 and helped them all out of the house. Once outside, one of the kids said there was one more 6 year old still inside. Nicholas went back into the house, now fully engulfed in flames, to find the girl. 

He found the girl, but couldn’t find his way back out of the house. Heading up to the second floor, he broke a window and jumped down with her in his arms. Police body cam caught the rest.

Nicholas was taken to the hospital and treated for severe smoke inhalation. Miraculously, the children were barely injured. 


(Image: Getty)

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