#GoodNews: Message In A Bottle Finds Parents of Deceased Son

A pair of Mississippi River salvage divers found a message in a bottle that has briefly brought back to life a dearly departed son who died more than 30 years ago.

While on a regular salvage dive the men came across the bottle and the note inside written by an 11-year old boy named Brian Dahl in 1989. They posted the letter on Facebook, hoping to find Brian. The post was widely shared and eventually reached Eric and Melanie Dahl - Brian’s parents. They drove 200 miles to the shipyard to read young Brian’s letter.

It was tears and smiles when the salvage divers met the family, who shared stories of Brian.

“He’s with them still. I think that’s what the note meant when we found it. To let his parents know that he was watching over them as well.”


(Image: Getty)

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