#GoodNews: Special Needs Student Makes Final Tackle in Homecoming Game

Evan Sparks is a special needs student at a high school in Texas. He has one lung and severe scoliosis, and waited years for his doctor's approval to play football. He’s on the team but hadn't had the chance to make a big play in a game, until Friday night. 

The Mustangs were up 64-14 over the Westerners with only seconds left on the scoreboard. The student section thought it was the perfect moment to let Sparks shine, yelling 'We want Sparky, We want Sparky.'

The opposing coach called time out. He spoke with the ref and then the ref delivered a message to the Mustangs coach…”You could put #34 in. We won't touch him.”

The Coach sent Sparks onto the field and magic happened. Westerner Sean Briceno ran to his side and Sparks landed the big tackle to end the game. 


(Image: Getty)

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