GoodNews: Florida Woman Rescues Stranger’s Mom During Hurricane Ian

As Hurricane Ian hit Southwest Florida, Christine Bomlitz became very concerned about her elderly mom, Shirley Affolter, who lives right in the storm’s path.

Shirley is 84, had lost her cell phone days before the storm and when the hurricane hit, her landline went out. Unfortunately, Christine lives in Las Vegas, so she posted on several FB pages pleading for someone to check on her mother.

Cheynne Prevatt saw Christine’s plea and volunteered to try and get to Shirley’s home to check on her. After wading through chest-deep floodwaters, she made it to the house and found Shirley alive and safe, but trapped in her home. Cheyanne put a call out for help and someone came to the house with a paddleboard to take Shirley to a dry, safe area.

(Image: Getty)

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