#GoodNews: Young Runner Encourages Struggling Opponent At Finish Line

At a boys cross country meet in New York, a runner was down at the finish line. A runner from the opposing team came over to check on him.

Cooper Kohanski said he couldn't leave the finish line without checking on his opponent, Andrew Hawkinson. “When I turned around, I heard a kid sobbing, which is common because it really does hurt so I wanted to make sure he was okay.”

It was Andrew's first ever cross-country race. 

"He said a lot of encouraging stuff. He said I did a good job [and] I would be okay because I was out of breath. I couldn't really walk, I just needed to settle down. Once we got up we had a fist bump which I thought was pretty cool," Andrew said. 

Andrew's mom said she was surprised to see her son being comforted by a runner from another team. “It just really fed my soul and I was just really impressed. I wouldn't have expected somebody from the other team to check on him," she said.

Cooper's coach wasn't surprised by the random act of kindness and says he's just one of those guys.


(Image: Getty)

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