#GoodNews: Photographer Helps Strangers Restore Hurricane Damaged Photos

Krista Kowalczyk is a photographer in Florida. She hasn’t been working since Hurricane Ian hit the area. "I have weddings that are scheduled for next summer and their venue is not there anymore. On an average week, I'd photograph 10 or so families on the beach, and all of those have been canceled."

But now Krista has figured out a way to use her skills to help people who’s memories were damaged in the storm. While helping to clean up an elderly neighbor’s home that was severely flooded, she came across some water damaged photographs, some dating back more than 150 years. The next day, Krista and her photography assistant started going door to door asking people if they needed help salvaging their photos.

Krista says she’s glad she’s been able to do something positive for her neighbors during this difficult time. "It's been a happy distraction to know that I have been helping people as opposed to just sitting there and fretting over what is happening."


(Image: Getty)

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