#GoodNews: Boy Starts Food Bank With Birthday Money

11-year-old Isaac Winfield and his family had always donated to food banks and during the pandemic, they would bring donations to his school, which distributed them to people in need. But when he changed schools and his new school didn’t have a program like that, the 11-year-old was upset that he couldn’t continue to help others.

That’s when Isaac decided to start his own food bank. He used money he received for his birthday to get it started and it has grown so much that his family bought a shed to store the food in their backyard. Isaac’s food bank is also open 24 hours a day, so people can help themselves at any time. 

A local charity is sponsoring Isaac to help open a second food bank in their town, and YouTuber Mark McCann has donated a van to make the service mobile.


(Image: Getty)

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