Daycare Workers Charged Over Horror Mask Prank

Officials in Mississippi have charged four former Mississippi daycare workers are being charged with felonies after scaring young children. Gone-viral videos show the workers dressing up in Halloween masks – specifically a ‘Ghostface’ mask (from the "Scream" movies) and scaring the children.

And we’re not talking one moment and just wearing a mask. The videos show the workers chasing the children around the facility while the kids scream, cry, run away, or cover their eyes. While one employee can be seen laughing about the scene – another can be heard saying the children were behaving badly that day.

Now, the former employees – identified as Sierra McCandlessOci-Anna KilburnJennifer Newman and Shyenne Shelton each face three counts of felony child abuse. Traci Hutson faces failure to report abuse and simple assault against a minor, both misdemeanors facing felony child abuse charges, while another former employee is being hit with several misdemeanors.

Source: WTVA

(Image: Getty)

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