What the Halloween Candy You Hand Out Says About You

According to curiosity.com, the type of Halloween candy you hand out says a lot about who you are. So, what kind of impression do you want to leave this year?

Butterfinger: You want "slap bracelets" to make a comeback. 

Almond Joy: You sing at least one Jimmy Buffet song on any given karaoke night. 

Cadbury Eggs: You frequently disappoint loved ones. 

Candy Corn: You have trouble living in the moment. 

Dots: You've seen Phil Collins in concert. 

Gobstoppers: You force your children to like Star Wars movies. 

Hershey's chocolate bars: You say "golly" a lot. 

Jolly Ranchers: Despite your age you think you can still ride a scooter but you can't. 

Junior Mints: You take cold showers just to feel alive. 

Kit Kat: You include Diet Coke in your daily water intake.

Krackel: You like plaid, like a lot. 

Laffy Taffy: You own at least 12 airbrushed T-shirts. 

Lifesavers: You bribe people with food to get them to like you more. 

M&Ms Peanut: When you tell stories, you use a lot of different voices. 

M&Ms Plain: You find it difficult to love. 

Milky Way: The only reason you have a gym membership is because you can't get out of the contract. 

Nerds: You yell at inanimate objects. 

Pixy Stix: You love chaos. 

Smarties: You keep track of and on a physical calendar

Tootsie Rolls: You don't shower every day.

Twizzlers: You remember when "Nickelodeon was good." 

Whoppers: You own a corduroy sport coat with elbow patches. 

Good-n-Plenty: You've purchased Christmas gifts for loved ones at a gas station. 


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