#GoodNews: Teacher Fulfills Dream For Wheelchair-bound Student

(Oklahoma) Casey Hubbard plays the trumpet and always wanted to be in his high school’s marching band, but there was one problem. Casey was born with spina bifida and is confined to a wheelchair, so he thought being in the marching band was impossible. 

But band director Adam Mewhorter made it his mission to make it happen for Casey. He wasn’t satisfied just having Casey sitting out on the field - he was determined to make him a full participant. Adam volunteered to be the person to push Casey in his chair through the band’s routines. 

Casey loves being in the marching band and is looking forward to the next two years of it and Mewhorter is getting to relive his glory days on the field while also showing other teachers across the country what it means to really show up for your students.


(Image: Getty)

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