#GoodNews: Mother/Daughter Spread Kindness to Strangers 

A mother and daughter in England have been putting smiles on strangers' faces with random acts of kindness. Every week, Sophie-Louise Corrigan allows her 5-year-old daughter Amina to choose a random stranger to give flowers or chocolates to. 

It's a tradition that started with Sophie and her own mother. “Whenever we had some money left from the weekly shop we would always do it," she said.

“The reaction is amazing and is one of the reasons why we carry on. The number of people who speak to us and don't even know what to say, they are speechless. There's been a lot of people who give Amina a hug after and she loves that. There are others who have teared up and said that they've had such a horrible week either with bills or a family death and Amina will always say to me that although the person was crying, it was happy tears. She's understanding how acts of kindness work and how emotions work.


(Image: Getty)

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