#GoodNews: Mom’s Kindness To Stranger Wins Her $500 & NFL Playoff Tix

A Philly mom’s small act of kindness toward a stranger gets her $500 and tickets to the Eagles playoff game. Last Saturday, Bryanne McBride and her son Mason were out running errands in Philadelphia, getting ready to watch the Eagles play the Giants in the NFL Playoff game on TV that night when a man approached them and asked for $1 so he could catch the bus.

Bryanne digs around in her purse for some money and finds some change for the stranger. She then goes back to her car so she can scrounge up the rest of the $1 and gives him the change. The stranger, it turns out is Zach Dereniowski, who goes by mdmotivator on TikTok. After getting the money from Bryanne, Zach gives the money back and tells her didn’t actually need it, but he actually has a blessing for her. He opens his wallet and pulls out $500 and gives it to the shocked mom. He then asks them if they want to go to the Eagles game that night and that he has tickets for them.

Zach posted the whole exchange on TikTok and ended the video with footage of Mason at the game that night. The boy is clearly excited about attending his first game. “I want to run so bad,” he says as he enters the stadium. He then gets to meet some of the team on the sideline and gets a few autographs, too.

Source: SunnySkyz

(Image: Getty)

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