#GoodNews: Teen Jumps Into Icey Lake To Save A Stranger

A 17-year-old in Iowa helped pull an 83-year-old man and his dog to safety after the man's Jeep fell through the ice on a lake.

Thomas Lee was driving out to his fishing shack when his Jeep broke through the ice. Joe Salmon was ice fishing when he saw the Jeep fall into the water.  He called 911, but then jumped into the water to help the driver. That’s when he noticed there was also a dog in the jeep. 

Joe broke the back window and freed the dog. He then climbed through the broken window, made his way to the front of the Jeep, and pulled Thomas out. 

The whole thing was caught on video by a drone! WATCH > https://fb.watch/iAGIWc_4Vq/


(Image: Getty)

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