#GoodNews: Ohio Barber Donates Haircuts To Kids With Special Needs

A barber in Cincinnati is donating haircuts to children with disabilities. In 2021, Vernon Jackson, owner of Noble Barber and Beauty in Cincinnati, decided he wanted to do more to accommodate customers at his shop with special needs. He posted his concerns on social media and his friends shot back that they’d be interested in sponsoring some free cuts.

That moment was the start of a program he’s been building for the last couple of years called The Gifted Event, where he provides free haircuts to children with various medical conditions including autism, Down syndrome, and spina bifida. The Gifted Event is what led to Jackson meeting seven-year-old Ellison Eubanks and to their viral TikTok video of him giving the boy with Down syndrome a haircut. The video, which shows the playful banter between the barber and his client, has racked up almost 3-million views and thousands of likes and comments.

Jackson says he strives to create a welcoming and accepting environment and from the video, it shows. Ellison's mom Julie Eubanks is grateful to have a shop to go to where they don’t feel judged and where Ellison is treated with respect. “That means a lot to any person,” she says. “And Ellison appreciated that and in turn, felt super comfortable.”

Source: Good Morning America

(Image: Getty)

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