This Kid Is A Pro Level Bottle Flipper!

If you have or know young kids, you have probably seen them try this before. Basically you partially fill a plastic water bottle and flip it so that it stands up.

This guy has assigned a point level to each of the tricks he is able to complete. But the best part is that he's able to do all of them in this take. I have no idea if it took multiple takes to accomplish this.

The 'basic' flip is worth 10 points. Landing the bottle on top of a water jug is 100 points.

I would guess one of the keys to becoming consistent is to always fill the bottle with the same amount of water. Also to always practice with the same brand of water bottle. I'm not sure what you do if your water bottle somehow changes, like if they make the plastic lighter or make the cap smaller.

Photo credit: Chalermpon Poungpeth / EyeEm


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