Bananas As We Know Them - Are DOOMED!

For the last 9 years or so, I've been having the same breakfast almost every day. Steel cut oats with a little brown sugar and a sliced banana. I don't know why I started this but now it's how I like to start my morning. Since bananas constantly ripen and go bad, it's a battle to keep them in my house.

Fungus is destroying bananas around the world. As it turns out, all Cavendish species banana plants are genetically identical. So once the fungus figured out how to enter one banana plant, it figured out how to enter all of them since there is no diversity.

If you've ever wondered why banana candy doesn't really taste like bananas - actually it does. It tastes like the Gros Michel species which died out after a similar fate. Gros Michel bananas were different. They had a thicker skin, a different texture and a different taste.

Whatever is next will be slightly different as well. And hopefully will resist pathogens that could wipe it out.

Photo credit: SAUL LOEB AFP

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