Columbine Continues Its Endless Echo

I've long enjoyed being part of the "fun and games department" of life, trying to entertain you on the radio. It's not often my place to get serious about the things you may have come to KODJ to escape. But it's now been 19 years since Columbine, and that despicable day continues to echo with no end in sight. I remember at the time thinking that this was just the start of something terrible. That the crazies would take note. "You can do that?" When I was a kid, that's the way it was after the first airline hijacking. I can't help but think the time has come to do with schools what we have had to do to protect our air security. It's expensive, highly inconvenient, and now totally necessary. My cousin who spent her life in law enforcement once told me that something like four percent of the population is criminally inclined. That's one out of 25. Even if it's one out of a thousand that is inclined to shoot up a school, who wants to play the odds? Kids go to school for at least 13 years. That's thousands of days of now genuine risk. (Many Utahns drive all the way to Idaho or Colorado to play far longer odds than that.) Shootings have now happened at every level... elementary school, middle school, high school. And let's not forget Virginia Tech and so recently, our own University of Utah. No matter how you feel about the guns, it's clear that no one is ever going to manage to keep every one of them out of the hands of every single individual who feels bad about himself. So while the politicians fight about gun control, maybe we can accomplish more, faster, by preparing ourselves collectively for the transition, where all public schools are fortified at public expense. To do otherwise would be completely irresponsible. Miserably, this is where we are.  Here are three of my grandkids. I want them and all kids everywhere to have a safe and innocent childhood. Fisher



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