Fisher: I'm Turning Into My Grandfather

Wife Julie decided to brave the snowstorm and leave our palatial Davis County home to travel to Utah County and visit our daughter and three grandkids yesterday. My plate is currently full and I wasn't able to go. Before she left for the return trip, she called to ask the best route home considering the weather. A quick glance at radar weather told me she would do best cutting over the the West Side Belt and sliding up Legacy Parkway. She should hit clear weather around 5400 South. Of course, that's exactly how it went. When she got home late last night, we turned into our grandparents... talking about the technology and how amazing it is. I remembered how much my grandfather used to shake his head over color TV and rocket ships to the moon. He remembered the first cars, and used to get around in a horse and buggy. Now I'm sitting in my home office sharing a completely accurate weather report with my wife on her Captain Kirk cell phone. I'm still ticked I've never once flown to work like I fully expected I would when I was kid. I guess my horse and buggy was television with a tube and phone booths and AM music stations. What will they be for our kids and grandkids? I guess we have to start with newspapers and newspaper delivery kids. What would you add to the list?



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