Good News (5/19) - Formerly Homeless Teen Heading to Harvard

(California) - When Jorge was 13 years old his father lost his job as an auto technician which left the family of 6 homeless, living out of a van, hotels, and sometimes with relatives.

Now, 17-year-old Jorge is a senior in high school who is also enrolled in community college and about to earn his associate’s degree in Natural Sciences and Mathematics. He travels approximately 140 miles round-trip to school every day. He usually leaves at 4:30 or 5 in the morning and doesn’t get home until 11 or midnight.

Being homeless made Jorge want to learn more about finances. He used the things he learned to teach his family how they could transition from high risk to homeowners. His parents were able to purchase a home 2 years ago.

Jorge received a full scholarship to Harvard and will attend in the fall with plans to study economics and get his master’s degree in public policy.

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