Good News (1/3) - Double Dose of Strangers Helping Out During Extreme Cold

(Port Richey, Florida) - There’s usually not much need for a coat most of the year in Florida, but the state is experiencing frigid weather.

A good Samaritan is leaving coats and sweatshirts tied on trees for anyone to take. Each coat has a note attached that says, “I’m not lost. If you’re cold, take me.” No one knows who’s behind the good deed, but the notes are signed with the initials B.H.

Source: Bay News 9


(Canada) - After seeing stories about there being no beds left for the homeless at the shelter on one of the coldest nights of the year Jennifer wanted to help.   She offered to pay for a hotel room and asked others to do the same.  

When a man named Mohamad saw her offer he wanted to help also because he says people helped him get on his feet and wanted to return the favor.  So he reached out to Jennifer who he had never met to help her pay for hotel rooms.  Together they paid for almost 20 people to stay in rooms and get out of the bitter cold. 

Source: CBC

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