#GoodNews: Piano Player Gifted Free Piano After Impromptu Performance

23-year-old John Capron had been browsing the ReMARKable Cleanouts antique store in Norwood, Massachusetts last month when he found an old $200 Whitney piano for sale. He sat down and played “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. An employee recorded it and posted the video online. The video racked up thousands of views, but since John was wearing a face mask, no one knew who he was. National news outlets began searching for the identity of the “masked piano player.”

John taught himself to play, but has never owned his own piano. When he identified himself as the masked piano player, the store owner offered to give him the piano. However, when John returned to the store, the owner decided to surprise him instead with a 3,000 Steinway piano.

“To see him cry made me cry.” It’s just going to sit here, so if you can bring it into somebody else’s life and bring it back to life, then God bless America, you know what I mean? That’s what life’s about! I wish I could do this every day!”


Photo: Getty Images

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